Why Should I Carry Additional Accident Insurance?

5 Reasons Why You Should Look into an Additional Accident Plan

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast you understand the risk of being out on the open road. Whether you are navigating busy city streets and dodging pot holes or lonely country roads with the occasional  deer crossing; there are many different risks we face while riding.

Your motorcycle insurance may provide coverage for your bike, liability if you hurt others/their property and medical payments to you. However, most carriers only offer a limited amount of coverage for medical payments in the event of injury.

Supplemental accident insurance is a separate policy that provides coverage above and beyond any other insurance policy you may have. Here are five reasons why it is important to look into an additional accident plan:

  • Accidents do happen

    • 5 times more susceptible to injury than vehicle collisions
  • The severity of injuries during a motorcycle crash are increased

    • Accidents are 28 times more likely to end with fatality
    • Crashes cost roughly $16 Billion each year
  • Covers you on your bike and elsewhere

    • Benefits if you are hurt on your bike, on the job, walking down the street, etc.
  • Cash benefits directly to you and fast

    • Coverage for specified injuries, hospital stays, ambulance rides, rehabilitation, and other medical expenses
    • Benefits to loved ones in the event of loss of life
  • Inexpensive and easy to get coverage

    • Plans start at $25 monthly and take 5 minutes to start coverage

So, obtaining an additional accident plan on top of your motorcycle and health insurance helps protect you financially in the event of an accident. Plan benefits provide payments directly to you and are easy to obtain. If you are interested in purchasing a plan or obtaining additional information give The Riccard Group a call!